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Our Story

Kobashi - You Don't Need a Reason

No two tastes are the same and no two people are the same. At Kobashi, we believe people should be comfortable doing what they really want. We founded this brand to step out of our comfort zones and discover all sorts of flavours and passion through food. Passion means you don't need a reason to do what you really love. Nobody should stop you in what you love. Kobashi is about not following trends, doing something just because it’s popular or creating what people like, but doing it just because we want to do it. That way the possibilities are endless. Just try it. You don't need a reason not to.

Who We Are

The Kobashi Way

As an artisanal food brand, Kobashi’s bakes are handcrafted in batches to ensure quality control throughout and focused on giving a good experience and taking our delicious products to your doorstep. Made with our very own signature Sourdough Starter, also known as Naturally Leavened Yeast. Settle your cravings with our Fresh Sourdough Bakes throughout the weekends!

Behind The Brand

Kenji and Adam first met in the Culinary Institute of America 2019.

During Singapore’s first lockdown in early 2020, both were curious about how sourdough could be made at home and began their journey into fermentation and baking.

Fast forward to a few months later, during one of their regular hikes, Kenji proposed the idea of starting Kōbashī, a brand that would embody a constantly evolving food experience. This was a natural progression for both as they were already surrounded by foodies and chefs and would always share leftovers from their food ‘experiments’.

Although they were both culinary trained in the savoury field of food, and never wanted to delve into the sweet aspect, this changed just before Christmas. Kenji was exploring sourdough bakes with pastries and they decided to give it a shot and put it out there in the market to make a quick buck for a bunch of poor students.

They received an overwhelming response from the public, and with the natural curiosity of a chef (and tons of R&D), their bakes got better and better each time. However, it was difficult to neglect their training in the savoury aspects of cooking, which ended up in the creation of their signature sourdough and focaccia.